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Otaku Musician Busted for JK Fan Sex: “I Met Her At Comiket”

Hoshimi Aoto-1

Hoshimi Aoto-4

An otaku musician famous on NicoNico Douga has been arrested for having sex with an underage fan who approached him at Comiket.

The 31-year-old Tokyo musician enjoyed modest fame through his music on NicoNico Douga, released under the name “Hoshimi Aoto.”

However, his popularity was his undoing – a 17-year-old female high schooler approached him whilst he was attending a Comiket music booth, and proved more than willing to express her appreciation for his talents amorously.

The pair indulged in carnal relations at a hotel in the Tokyo city of Chofu, a matter which somehow came to the attention of the authorities.

Hoshimi Aoto-2

Hoshimi Aoto-3

He was subsequently arrested and charged with engaging in indecent activities with a minor, which he admitted, saying “I thought it was risky but I couldn’t restrain my lust.”

Aside from its enjoyably lurid aspects, the case has been attracting attention for another reason – the stark contrast between “ideal and actuality” offered by pictures of the musician whilst being arrested for his vile deeds and his online 2D portrayal:

Hoshimi Aoto-1

Hoshimi Aoto-4

His music:

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