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“You Have a Puncture” Nanpa Master Sticks It To 1000 Girls

tougarashi_hideyu sexy mechanic

A man has been arrested after admitting he punctured the tires of “about 1000” women so that he could offer to help change them and thereby hopefully arrange casual sexual encounters.

The 25-year-old Nagoya salaryman frequented various supermarket car parks throughout Aichi prefecture from April of 2011 to December of 2012, all in the hopes of picking up girls.

However, rather than just attempt to to talk to them and thus risk immediate arrest, he instead hatched upon the scheme of first ingratiating himself by helping them change their tires after they sustained unfortunate punctures, after which the grateful ladies happily surrendered their contact details and the prospect of future encounters.

Unfortunately, it also transpired that he was the cause of the punctures, having deliberately holed their tires with screwdrivers and compasses, a tactic he was charged with repeating on 5 occasions.

His Samaritan snare was only uncovered when one of the women he helped commented on his good deed to a friend – who has also had the exact same encounter herself. She became suspicious, thinking “this may have been on purpose…”, and sought advice from police.

Police extracted their customary confession, and in addition to him admitting to repeating the trick on 5 occasions and pleading guilty to a to a variety of assault-related charges, he also conceded that “I think I did the same thing like 1000 times,” suggesting not only that he was behind the destruction of an awful lot of tires, but also that he likely had more than a little success at bedding his grateful victims.

His unique modus operandi has understandably been the subject of much curiosity amongst the new compass owners of 2ch, not least since it was apparently worth repeating 1000 times:

“Seriously!? Let me just go buy a compass!”

“This is genius. I never realised you could pull this off…”

“What an amazing nuisance this guy is.”

“Not bicycles but cars? What an ass.”

“Rather than him being clever I really just feel this is incredibly pitiful.”

“Now all men are going to suspected of deliberately doing this stuff so they can offer to ‘help.'”

“I’m interested in what his success rate was.”

“Seems risky and an awful lot of work. And if it did work a lot, what a bunch of loose idiots those women were.”

“If he really did it 1000 times a lot of his victims must have known each other.”

“How much effort did this guy put into getting to know girls…”

“And to think I have just been sat here waiting for one to come out of my monitor.”

“Will women really go with you if you just change their tires?”

“It’s novel at any rate.”

“The issue is how many of these victims he had sex with – for him to do it 1000 times, it could be a lot…”

“What a punc.”

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