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“Otaku Fashion” Most Loathed by Japanese Women


Japanese women quizzed on how they expect their menfolk to dress have yet again made it clear that even eternal virginity is too good for those who insist on dressing like creepy otaku, singling out the archetypal staple of otaku “fashion” – a checked shirt tucked into a pair of jeans with rucksack riding high on both shoulders – for persistent scorn.

Of the women put to question, 55.7% reported having seen men with clothes they thought abject fashion failures – unsurprisingly, otaku fashion featured highly:

“I once saw a guy in his forties wearing an anime T-shirt…” – 33-year-old real estate agent

“When they wear their rucksacks high like that, everyone can spot them as an otaku a mile off.” – 25-year-old technician

“The most otaku-ish of all – a checked shirt and jeans!” – 24-year-old food technician

“Checked shirts and rucksacks, those are the most otaku of all, I wouldn’t be seen dead walking with someone like that!” – 29-year-old IT worker

Closely related were complaints about deviants who insist on tucking in their shirts:

“Shirt tucked in, worst fashion choice ever.” – 27-year-old office worker

“Shirts tucked into their trousers, even my dad doesn’t do that!” – 27-year-old food worker

“When they have shirts in their pants, and the size isn’t a good fit.” – 23-year-old wholesaler

Other complaints concentrated on a lack of cleanliness, and fashion choices which were “too individualistic”:

“Clothes which are just too lively and individual are just creepy.” – 28-year-old wholesaler

“The ones who try too hard – like they come to a wedding where you’d wear a normal suit, but wearing a bow-tie or a distinctive shirt?” – 31-year-old food worker

Misfitting clothes, trousers worn around the hips, “wagara” Japanese patterns, pointie shoes, unseasonable clothing, “B-kei” (hiphop) or “V-kei” (visual) fashion and styles associated with middle-aged or middle-school males were all also singled out for opprobrium.

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