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“Japanese” Celebrates Boston Terror

boston-terror-celebrated-on-youtube (1)

A supposedly “Japanese” celebration of the recent horrific events in Boston has outraged many Japanese – most of whom see good evidence it is a Korean crazy posing as a Japanese in a crude attempt to make Americans hate one the defilers of Dokdo.

Google’s love of free speech being what it is, the original video itself appears to have been taken down by a fake copyright claim, although in its brief life it succeeded in enraging millions of Japanese, probably far outnumbering any Americans unfortunate enough to ever become aware of it:

boston-terror-celebrated-on-youtube (2)

There was immediate suspicion amongst Japanese that this was “another” crude attempt by a deranged Korean nationalist to tar their image online, and their efforts to uncover his real identity soon lead to plenty of less than subtle indications that he is an ethnic Korean resident of Japan:

takoyaki (2)

takoyaki (1)

Aside from his English language posing, his knowledge of Japanese, support for various ethnic Korean hobby-horses and hatred of all things Japanese have been generally taken as confirming this (although true conspiracy theory lovers may prefer the possibility that he is a Japanese right-winger trying to make the Koreans look bad by posing as a Korean trying to make the Japanese look bad by posing as a Japanese).

Other than revealing just how much spam and racism it is possible to spew onto YouTube without getting banned, his general racism and tasteless appropriation of the Boston bombing for political ends have incensed Japan’s online rabble (many of whom are, it has to be said, at least as crazed with hatred for Korea and China as their new playmate is for Japan):

“Amazing. Amazingly retarded…”

“Classic ‘I’m Japanese’ syndrome from the Korean there.”

“Anyone could spot this as an ethnic Korean a mile off.”

“Pretty sure there are no Japanese who actually start everything by saying ‘I am a Japanese’.”

“This is about the only trick those dirty Koreans know.”

“The yin-yang avatar is a bit of a give-away.”

“Giving Internet access to a filthy Korean is like giving edged weapons to the mentally ill.”

“Koreans just seem obsessed with making other countries miserable.”

“Some of them were certainly pleased by 3/11…”

“Nice to see North and South agreeing on their hatred of America, at least.”

“I think it could be a Japanese nut, though one at least as crazy as the Koreans.”

“This is unbelievably tasteless… why are they like this?”

“Honestly, could you make it any more obvious that you are not Japanese than by saying you are every other sentence?”

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