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Fascism is alive and well in Japan. The idiocy you hear from right wing-nuts there, “purge the barbarians” and stuff, you wouldn’t think are meant seriously anywhere else.

Problem with Japan is it’s never been occupied at the end of WWII, unlike Germany. Had they had some good Stalin style occupation, Ishihara and misc idiots wouldn’t be with us today…

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    The Type 90 and Type 10 have stabilized fire control that are on par with Western tanks. In the 90′s, the Type 90′s armor had been rated as superior to the Leopard 2A5. True, they haven’t kept up with composite armor development like the U.S. and NATO has, but frankly…..look at who their potential adversaries are: China, N.Korea and whatever Middle Eastern army they may one day face on a peacekeeping mission. The Type 90 and Type 10 may be slightly outclassed by the Abrams, Leo2 and Chally2 …

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    Japan had medium and heavy tanks on the drawing board but it was pointless to manufacture since their theater of war was in the pacific, which was primarily an amphibious/infantry war…along with huge naval/air battles. There was very little of the open ground that could be found in Europe. If the Japanese had not lost the battle of Midway and had held off the U.S. then we would’ve seen those heavier tanks in action as they attempted to link up with Germany in the USSR.

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    Needs more seasons…

  • Girls Und Panzer Event Anything But Tanks:
    Are those tuna chunks people are just eating straight off the fish?

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    Right. But the Tank Commander Anon’s point was that Japan sucked in tanks in WW2 and still sucks now. In 1930s Russia had 152mm canon/115 mm thick armor KV-2. No German tank could destroy it except at point blank range. Japan by contrast had little toys and Japanese infantry got an ass kicking from Red Army, the same Red Army the Germans took out in 1941. Imagine German Wehrmacht taking on Imperial Japanese army – they would decimate it.

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