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Girls Und Panzer Event Anything But Tanks



Hordes of Girls und Panzer otaku, itasha and a real type 74 have descended upon Oarai, the Ibaraki town in which the anime is set, for the Kairaku Festa, with the practice of enticing studios to set their anime in real locations proving as shrewd as ever.


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  • That’s funny, I was an ALT in Ibaraki. It’s not known for much so I guess it’s nice seeing Oarai getting some fame. It’s mostly known for it’s “Aqua World” aquarium, some landmarks of which can be seen in the shots above.

  • Shiro_Amada says:

    If you count out the Principality of Zeon, most anime characters that have anything to do with Nazism don’t really appeal to me. I do understand why Japanese audience prefers such backstories, with the more than interesting visual design from anything from the era, and the fact that Japan was one of the Axis during the World War 2.

    I’d much rather have the girls ride a T-34-85, in my humble opinion.

      • Shiro_Amada says:

        You knew him personally, didn’t you?
        Let’s not start a flame war here, I’ll just say that I’m from one of the ex-communist countries, and that there is no perfect political system.

        However, staring at swastikas and iron crosses isn’t quite a savory pastime when you know that more than half of your family had been killed in Jasenovac death camp by the Ustashi, just because they were of Serbian descent.

        When I look at a Panzerkampfwagen I see oppression, genocide and destruction, when I look at a T-34-85 I see liberation.

        • Shiro, Stalin didn’t liberate any countries he merely drove the Axis out and took them for himself. During his rule he killed several times the ammount of people Hitler killed in his Gulags.
          The Red Army waited for the Germans to suppress the Polish upgrising before moving in just so they wouldn’t have any opposition when taking over Poland.
          Saying “there is no perfect political System” doesn’t justify the crimes and atrocities commited under Stalinistic rule.

        • As another person from an ex-communist country, I say both should rot in hell. While the Nazis killed far less of my countrymen than the Reds (in fact, everyone says we got off easy), both robbed the country clean: what the fleeing Nazis couldn’t take with them, the Ruskies did.

          It’s kinda like the proverbial game of dice where a result between one and five means you get slapped, while a result of six means you get another toss.

          Still, if I have to choose between Nazis and commies, I’d choose the former anytime.

        • Stalin killed many millions not hundreds of thousands indirectly(similar to how British did in their various colonies) but Hitler isn’t any good either so I can understand. And even America is not entirely clean.

          The Japanese similar to others like to see their past choices in the best light possible.

          Try being a bit more cynical of life otherwise Anime will suck donkey balls. I mean you can watch Vividred and think about exploitation or just enjoy the pantsu.

        • [quote]You knew him personally, didn’t you?[/quote]
          You know, there is a mythical thing called “history”, which is said to hold information about the time before you were born. Amazing, I know.

    • Fascism is alive and well in Japan. The idiocy you hear from right wing-nuts there, “purge the barbarians” and stuff, you wouldn’t think are meant seriously anywhere else.

      Problem with Japan is it’s never been occupied at the end of WWII, unlike Germany. Had they had some good Stalin style occupation, Ishihara and misc idiots wouldn’t be with us today…

      • “Problem with Japan is it’s never been occupied at the end of WWII”

        You don’t know your history. Allied forces occupied Japan for years afterwards and helped “modernise” the country as a capitalist country; why do you think Baseball is the national sport???

      • I always found it hilarious that some asian nations think they can win a war with foreign powers or especially United States when US is a the only powerful super-power nation around that has been training as much as they have in real battles for the last 10 years, and managed to take down a nation in just 21 days while inflicting such disproportionate casualties to the enemy that they still refuse to fight head to head with us even when presented with equal numbers and equipments. Our special forces are constantly ferreting out enemies in the mountains and in cross border raids, and our infantry and armor go against enemies hiding in concrete reinforced buildings made into fortresses to kill and capture targets all the time.

        Meanwhile, militaries in these nations parade about like whore queens in peacock drag, as if reading their fucking parade manual or ‘instilling fighting pride’ like a bitch made punk is supposed to get them out alive in a real fight.

        Battle experience trumps delusions of grandeur at any age. I look forward to seeing many dead pale yellow cunts by hands of other nations such as US, india, or
        even south east guerrilla nations.

      • What many people don’t understand is that those ‘fascists’ are just voicing out and being more vocal about the underlying fundamental feelings of the japanese as a nation and people, as opposed to really being just a minority voice amongst everyone else. They are little lying cunts who thinks they have what it takes to fool other people.

        That didn’t really work out great last time. It’s always amusing to see how japanese constantly gets put in its place time and time again. Maybe they will try to entertain us again by making themselves the world’s bitch.

        • Do you even know what the word ‘fascism’ means? If you think today’s japan is fascist then you obviously don’t. Just because they don’t buy into the whole ‘multicultural’ thing doesn’t make them fascist.

          Look, we get it. Japan did some bad shit in WW2. So what, is the answer to punish those living now who didn’t have anything to do with the decisions made in that time? Will that satiate your desire for revenge? You want to ‘fuck japan to pieces’? Do you even realize how sick you sound?

          You call the japanese childish and ignorant, but the one who refuses to grow up while wallowing in their own ignorance would seem to be you more than anyone else.

        • Let them try to take their ‘fascism’ out on other nations. Last time they only got so far because their nation stabbed other people in the sleep (china and korea were barely out of feudal age majority wise, and never had the infrastructure of western-originating modern war machine structure, other powers were busy with war in europe).

          Now the east asian nations have risen to surpass japan, and other nations will fuck the japs to pieces.

          I would love to see it happen again – japs will finally pay in full for their childish ignorance. World is calling them out and they better hope their feet runs as fast as their mouth.

  • First of all I am a captain of a Tank Platoon.

    Second of all I find this insulting towards my platoon.

    Third of all WTF are the stupid Japanese thinking. Little MOE shit girls with Tanks? That’s not what my platoon looks like.

    Fourth and last it’s so hilarious to know that Japanese are suck shits when it comes to tanks and making them. They suck shit even more now that they cannot even make their own tanks and have to buy outside.

    Last this anime is such a desperate move to bubble up people into seeing it and Japan as perfect with tanks and all.

    I wish Japan to stop their insulting shit in general cause the people seeing it are pissed off.

    • your first point is pointless….so you are an captain of tank platoon? And??? Am I suppose to suddenly have respect for you? Because you certainly did not earn it with your post.

      Second point also doesn’t make sense, no reason to back it up and what so ever. It will be a sad day indeed,if every intellectual creation have to be accepted by you, a single individual.

      Third, a lot of people on this thread actually prefer moe girls with Tanks… its like putting two of our interests in one,

      The show also did not really try to make their Japanese tank look better than it is. The Type 89 haven’t been able to do impossible things like taking out a Tiger or what not. In fact it show that it couldn’t even penetrate a Matilda tank from the back side.

      There is a lot of emphases on German Tank because honestly, they just have more variety and interesting tanks that focus on heavy armor and firepower. Unlike US and their Shermans and some variation of it. Not as interesting and firepower and armor are nothing to be proud at anyway.

      The T-34 are best overall, I still prefer Tiger more.

      Please don’t compare WWII tanks to modern tanks, no point to do so.

      Japan does have their own 4th Gen Tanks, the Type 10…so yea…

      Lastly, you should stop pretending that you are the “people” and pissing other people off… Just saying

      • Actually Type 10 is 3rd gen tank, nothing revolutionary in design. “4th gen” is pure PR, same as was “5th gen” in case of Russian Objekt-640.

        With kind regards, commander of anti-tank squad.
        9K115-2 Metis-M
        Last thing he will never see :D.

        • The Type 90 and Type 10 have stabilized fire control that are on par with Western tanks. In the 90’s, the Type 90’s armor had been rated as superior to the Leopard 2A5.

          True, they haven’t kept up with composite armor development like the U.S. and NATO has, but frankly…..look at who their potential adversaries are: China, N.Korea and whatever Middle Eastern army they may one day face on a peacekeeping mission.

          The Type 90 and Type 10 may be slightly outclassed by the Abrams, Leo2 and Chally2 (although Japan COULD upgrade if they felt it a high enough priority) but they are more than adequate vs. antiquated Russian and Chinese designs.

          Seriously, the Russian T-90 series is just a T-72 in drag. Same obsolete fire control, same underpowered 125mm gun, ect. The armor has improved somewhat, but the lack of thermal vision means it’ll always lack situational awareness vs. Western (and Japanese) tank forces on the battlefield.

      • Right. But the Tank Commander Anon’s point was that Japan sucked in tanks in WW2 and still sucks now. In 1930s Russia had 152mm canon/115 mm thick armor KV-2. No German tank could destroy it except at point blank range. Japan by contrast had little toys and Japanese infantry got an ass kicking from Red Army, the same Red Army the Germans took out in 1941. Imagine German Wehrmacht taking on Imperial Japanese army – they would decimate it.

        • Japan had medium and heavy tanks on the drawing board but it was pointless to manufacture since their theater of war was in the pacific, which was primarily an amphibious/infantry war…along with huge naval/air battles. There was very little of the open ground that could be found in Europe.

          If the Japanese had not lost the battle of Midway and had held off the U.S. then we would’ve seen those heavier tanks in action as they attempted to link up with Germany in the USSR.

      • To be fair, this anime does show dumb bias towards japanese tanks that were all very subpar against any other armor in ww2. Even the modern tanks of theirs are over glorified, and their laughable delusion of always putting a jap bitch in the ‘ultimate master’ when their armor history is nothing less than constantly getting bitch slapped down by other nations shows how they are very far removed from reality and like to dwell in their delusions.

        No japanese armor could compete with Sherman, let alone german or russian tanks. Shermans had a bad time in Europe, but the situation was opposite in the pacific. Every time a sherman and a jap tank went head to head, the jap tanks got raped to pieces.

        • That “dumb bias” in this anime towards Japanese tanks saw the Japanese Type-3 Chi-Nu “heavy tank” become the first casualty in battle without firing a shot in episode 10, and the Type 89 has never been shown to have a kill. It’s attempted kill against a British Matilda even failed in episode 4. And then you have the Japanese Chi-Ha’s in episode 6 lying in helpless wrecks to the might of a Tiger tank. And that Type-10 MBT’s only feat in the anime is having a dynamic entry that crushed a poor Ferrari.

          The Japanese tanks in Girls Und Panzer are hardly glorified, and in fact are shown to be underperforming. In fact, if there’s a class of tanks glorified in the show, it’s the German tanks. Not only do we see more German armor in the show than any other country’s vehicles, they also get to show off the creme of the crop, including the prototype Maus tank.

          This show does a lot of things, but glorifying Japanese tanks is hardly one of them.