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Obviously it is because it fires lightning when upset.

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  • “Why Does Japan Still Have Housewives?”:
    Why are housewives seen as a bad thing? It is the rest of the world that is backwards, not the areas with housewives.

  • “Why Does Japan Still Have Housewives?”:
    300,000 MAY buy you a 1200 sq ft home in the bay area of california (or any other desirable metropolitan area where there are JOBS).

  • “Why Does Japan Still Have Housewives?”:
    Where do these statistics come from? And I am really curious if sengyo shufu counts as a ‘career’ in Japan.

  • “Why Does Japan Still Have Housewives?”:
    Ya know, if all the parent’s are working then whose taking care of the kids? Part of the problem with the current generation of young and younger people is that their parent’s weren’t around them enough during the kids early years during their mental development. That’s why it’s now that a bunch of crazies are popping up all over the “western” world on killing sprees or terrorist attacks. It’s also worth mentioning that having more fully employed couples also puts tension between marriages …

  • “Why Does Japan Still Have Housewives?”:
    Those females wanna be a leeching parasites!

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    I mean mare is basically a monster tamer so I’m sure she’ll get a new dragon pet.

  • Nissan Self-Moving Chairs “Starting to Catch On!”:
    I always read it “Niisan Self-Moving Chairs” O.O

  • Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 × Keijo:
    I live in TX, and the sad thing is I had a friend who I loved playing fighting games with. He died in a bad car accident around Houston. I will play from time to time, but sometimes the memory’s come back.

  • Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 × Keijo:
    We definitely need this game in the west. Sale of PS4 Slim and PS4 PRO console will jump up in sale in North America and Western countries. Many not own a PS4 yet. So this game will boost the sale for Sony and guess what we buy DEAD OR ALIVE 5 LAST ROUND again for PS4 game library! Nothing to lost just more fun for Gamers and more profit for Sony. Am for sure for that.

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    i agree


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