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Class Envy, Japanese Style


A recent middle school class photo circulating on Twitter has been causing a stir in Japan – though whether their faux outrage is due to concerns about their precocious antics or sheer envy is another matter…

Online there is plenty of “concern” about all this:


“This is unforgivable!”


“They didn’t leave anyone out!”

“Except the one taking the photo…”

“What the… there was nothing like this when I was at school!”

“I feel like killing someone…”

“They are obviously drinking and smoking! Too precocious by half.”

“What, you don’t even see this in anime!”

“Why is the world intent on tormenting me with stuff like this!”

“Hang in there and make sure this isn’t the peak of your lives, kids.”

“Come on, I bet they just took pics of a bunch of couples in the same year.”

“Where is the PE teacher? In my school he threw the kids who didn’t obey school rules out of the graduation ceremony!”

“Why won’t the tears stop…”

“Seeing this really did me a lot more damage than I thought it would.”

“This picture really just dumped a ton of oil on the flames of your envy, didn’t it guys?”

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