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Pics or it didn’t happen.

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  • Lolicon “Raped 40 Schoolgirls Using Blog”:
    “Victims” The ” says all. Poor man, he was so lucky for fucking those pretty teen girls, a pitty that he will probabily end spending the rest of his life in jail, been raped every day and torn appart from his familly and friends forever. This is the dramama of thousands of poor men that are arested for having sex with teenagers every year. I am lucky that in my country the age of consent is still 13 years old. But my goverment (a bunch of idiots) want to chage this. All my support for him, its …

  • Lolicon “Raped 40 Schoolgirls Using Blog”:
    This happened to me in Japan and the bastard wasn’t even arrested.

  • Lolicon “Raped 40 Schoolgirls Using Blog”:
    The force is strong in this one :D I shall be his apprentice…gotta know what he done but can’t be fucked blogging :)

  • Lolicon “Raped 40 Schoolgirls Using Blog”:
    This guy should go to jail for having too much game. If I knew what this guy knew when I was in Middle School… -_-

  • Lolicon “Raped 40 Schoolgirls Using Blog”:
    I’ll say it again: rape or have consensual sex with that the police are calling rape? Statutory rape /= to forcible rape, and the former in my opinion shouldn’t even be a crime in the first place.

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    Naruto??? For a final boss Kagura was disapointing, too much useless talking in the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke, then a big timeskip to a few years later with barely any infos about what happened after… Horrible ending!!! Ah my goddess!! Disapointing!! The movie already gave us the ending long ago, there was no development in their situation for years, that final test was useless, the wedding ceremony was rushed… Terrible ending!!! Aside from those 2 and All you need is kill, I …

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    They’re just building there own graves by this point. I don’t even care if I can’t understand the majority of a game, so long as it’s in it’s original form, I’m grateful. But if translating these niche Japanese games mean that they have make certain EDITS and CHANGES, then I might as well stick to importing. Thanks nisa for losing some consumers.

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    Hot damn she’s brick house!

  • Criminal Girls: Invite Only Trailer Revealed:
    Mass murdering people and commiting genocide in video games is fine in ‘Murica but a few pictures of anime girls in risque positions and making noises is too extreme for them!? FUCK THE ESRB AND THOSE SHIT HEADS SOOO FUCKING MUCH.

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    O yeah!


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