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Why would I give chocos to my family in the day of those who in love? I’m not incest fan

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  • Shingeki no Kyojin Movie Cast Revealed:
    The strongest man have a mustache. You can’t be the strongest without a mustache.

  • Triple Triad Hits Smartphones:
    Temple run is fucking shit. You want a good mobile game, you look up Ice Breaker: Viking’s Voyage Yes, every has their own taste, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking my taste is the best

  • Rondo Duo Fantastic Futanari Action:
    With those girls (or futas, doesn’t matter) having bodies like this, it would be a sin for them not to fuck each other’s shit out until sperm would flow from their eyes and ears.

  • Unko Collection: “Even Crappier Than KanKore”:
    Japan is so obsessed by cute little lolis. I bet in the future if humanity invented a way to reconstruct your body to look any way you wanted, all Japan would be inhabited by a cute little anime lolis going about their business… Same way as USA would be inhabited by buffed macho men hige tits big ass chicks in their 30s.

  • Valkyria Chronicles Comes To PC November:
    If we talk about SEGA… Fuck Valkyria, give me Shenmue 3!!! I’ll pay 10x times normal price for it. Fuck it, I’ll pay 20x


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