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all of my want. give me jojo chocolate or give me jojo chocolate!

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  • Hitsugi no Chaika 2: “Too Adorable”:
    Oh man! Cuz having a name to go with your opinion is the worst right? Cant have people know what you go by on the internet right? Because we are totally going to track you down by your internet name and beat the living shit out of you for having a different opinion rather then just shitposting. I agree with first Anon here even if he is being a pussy. Fuck your nameless shitpostings Anons.

  • Justin Bieber at Yasukuni: “It Just Looked Pretty, Honest!”:
    Mexico is a weirder case. They are kinda both central America and north America. Yes, they would be north American. Doesn’t mean they are United States Citizens but they are north American. And i guess people and the US can call themselves “United States Citizens” or “Citizens of the United States”, but those are really long titles just to say “i am from the US.”

  • Justin Bieber at Yasukuni: “It Just Looked Pretty, Honest!”:
    He is from Canada. Canada is part of North America, so he is American. Same as calling people European since they are from Europe. The US just doesn’t have anything else to call themselves cause our name is weird like dat.

  • “The Worst Things To Find In The Opposite Sex’s Room”:
    Well if its down in the basement how are you going to draw funny pictures on their face? Basements are dark and smell weird (unless its a man-cave).

  • Nozoki Ana Total Voyeurism OVA:
    IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!! i havent finshed the manga but if there is one thing i can say ima gonna watch the hell out of this shit!!!


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