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Kissxsis will never die!! ahahaahaha!

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  • Kiss×sis Riko Suminoe Figure:
    There was once a time when I would be shocked by things like this. Now I just think to myself, “man has is own tastes.”

  • Kiss×sis Riko Suminoe Figure:
    ANN usually doesnt care about character designs and cares about story. Do you really think these designs are interesting…? I have nothing against fanservice, I’d actually probably like this series if the character designs werent so boring and forgettable. I dont know why anyone would want a figure of these girls, they’re just so dull.

  • Kiss×sis Riko Suminoe Figure:
    icame.gif Hm. First time I ever came because of a figure.

  • Kiss×sis Riko Suminoe Figure:
    If not originally, certainly now after having a bandaid on indefinitely.

  • Kiss×sis Riko Suminoe Figure:
    I don’t like the perpetual band aid. Does she have a big gross sore under there?

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    Considering it’s selling better than the ps vita ever did & is a huge success it wouldn’t surprise me to see a port of this (or the psp version) at some point. You go ahead & keel yourself chained to your TV, I’ll play & enjoy console games wherever the hell I want. Both Microsoft & sony have taken notice of the success of the Switch…but a Psycho SOny Crony like you wouldn’t know since you never look up from playstation.

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    No link to buy Not in VR?

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    another shitty animeted ntr crap…

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    He’s not the only one tired of hearing people like you cry out against anything not done in Japanese in an anime. You guys only show your bias when you make comments like that. Those anime he listed off do sound good in English so he’s right about that. Also how do you know he’s the same person since almost everyone on here responds as anon. By your faulty logic then all the anti English dubbing comments have also been done by one person…YOU, & that’s pretty sad.

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    You can see instructions on how to make these on Youtube. Chinese capitalism.


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