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The only way to make someone else change her way is to lead by example. I will do my hair today. Will you, for the sake of science?

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  • “Finally!” – My Little Pony Moe Anime Surfaces:
    Animation as animation. If the japs where to do their own adaptation, and not only their own dub (which is kinda hilarious), I’d watch it just for the hell of it. Fandom as fandom. Everyone, except you who read this, remember when peeps got pretty fed up the fandom of [insert previously new and popular show] and directed their hate on the show itself instead of hating on the perpetrators. /Previous brony.

  • To Love-Ru Darkness Blu-ray Limitlessly Sexy:
    Thought it was only me and began to tinker with my browser settings. Welp, it had to be done anyhow. In todays news; Epic gif is epic.

  • EU Considers Porn Ban:
    I for one welcome a ban on pornography for all members of the EU. Why? Well, if there’s something that will stirr up and engage the plebs in politics it got to be porn.

  • Nozoki Ana Total Voyeurism OVA:
    Nearly ever ero scene is the best ero scene.

  • Nozoki Ana Total Voyeurism OVA:
    Gifs with sound woulda be something. Oh, that would be the anime..


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