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There is a reputable PSU manufacture of
a certain brand name which starts with a C
(don’t want to get flagged for spam) who
makes it a point of advertising the capacitors
oil and otherwise and diodes etc. used in their PSU’s are the highest quality Japanese and Taiwanese and not PRC manufactured ones they can get.
Their products reliability would testify to

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  • Chinese Packaging “Sheer Genius”:
    Yes but when PSU’s go they will most likely take the MOBO,graphics card and maybe even the hard drive with it. That’s a lot of bucks on a gaming rig with each running about $200 to $300. So in my case I’ll pay the $100/150 plus you usually get more voltage taps for multiple graphics cards and SSd’s etc.

  • Chinese Packaging “Sheer Genius”:
    I build my own gaming rigs for myself and for clients and THIS is exactly why I bend over backwards to use only Japanese and Taiwanese drives and PSU’s and any other component you can think of. I don’t want customers coming back and complaining I sold them crap when it fails. BTW most of those low end brand name desk tops you buy come with Chinese (PRC) PSU’s in them and they are utter garbage.

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