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Agreed, though I think I prefer the Alena cosplay to Minea. Something just seemed a bit … off about Minea.

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  • Top 25 Purest Anime Girls:
    Another good example would be Shao Lingshen of Mamotte Shugogetten, though not nearly as well known there. She’s a pure maiden that might equal that of Belldandy!

  • Cops Free Gundam Director Virus Victim: “We Know Your IP!”:
    What bothers me about Japanese society (and a lot of other people, particularly Japanese fed up with it) is that it’s all about appearances. If you ask someone for directions and they can’t help you they’ll just act like they’re ignoring you. If someone causes a scandal in the business world but it LOOKS like it’s someone else’s fault they’ll go after the second person to keep up appearances. As long as everything looks all hunky-dory on the outside that’s all that matters to them. I’m …

  • PETA Condemns Pok√©mon as “Animal Cruelty”:
    …So they’re basically taking N’s side? Seriously, has nobody seen the similarities between PETA and Team Plasma? Let’s just give them knight costumes and be done with it. Hell, could even keep the logo and just call them “Team PETA”.

  • Lucifer Ero-Figure:
    For people who haven’t figured it out or can’t find the shots other ways, just change the numbers at the end of the address here to see the others. First one between 1 and 7, second between 1 and 3. Personal favorite is number 2, Envy.

  • Curtains for the Brave: Ita-Curtains Popularity “Booming”:
    In a lot of cases it looks like they’re used less as curtains and more as wallpaper. Not to say I would totally mind having one :P But that brings to mind questions such as: do they MAKE anime wallpaper? If not, why not? And if so, where and how much?


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