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From what other pictures have shown, she’s already at the age where she looks good only while clothed. Thankfully she can put on a duckface, and age-sag can be controlled with exercise.

So her meat is still plenty good.

I’m happy that she’s still doing this stuff.

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  • Infinite Stratos World Purge Hen OVA Nipple Bonanza:
    still will avoid the next session (assuming it will come). The anime is dependent on fanservice and nudity, yet they censored their TV broadcast, despite the BD being broadcast ‘safe’! If they aren’t adding extra to the BD then they shouldn’t censor the TV version. And if they are fine with nipples, why avoid though out the session? They only added a ‘bit’ at the last episode and OVA! Really disappointed by their 2nd session. random.idiot

  • Kantai Collection Vita Trailer Launched:
    WTF No Tenryuu!? Why don’t they give Tenryuu any love!?

  • Infinite Stratos World Purge Hen OVA Nipple Bonanza:
    More like he cockblocks every male, including himself, within a 50 meter radius… Dude could cockblock a sausagefest, he’s that gay.

  • Kantai Collection Vita Trailer Launched:
    The Japanese are still too butthurt over getting stomped, they’ll never put anything but Axis ships in the game or bring it to us. We should just license the gameplay system from DMM and make our own ship girls. U.S. naval naming conventions would make it a little weird to fapping off to girls with names like Enterprise and Ohio, though. Especially when you consider our destroyers were all named after MEN…

  • Infinite Stratos World Purge Hen OVA Nipple Bonanza:
    Every Girl is Best Girl…


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