Comment on Virus Hacker Busted: “A Typical Fat Cat-Loving Otaku” by WEL:

fuck the police!

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  • Zutto Suki Datta Sports More Schoolgirl Sex:
    godawful animation. Not even worth watching. There are much better releases this month.

  • Live Action Tokyo Ghoul “At Least Better Than GitS”:
    except for the fact that the movie was pretty good. Even Scarlet got more acting skills than all the amateurs in this trailer put together.

  • Live Action Tokyo Ghoul “At Least Better Than GitS”:
    Why the acting in these Japanese made live action movies based on mangas/animes is always so fucking bad? There is not a single scene where the actors don’t overact. The production values are higher than ever but the acting is still just as bad as it has ever been.

  • Dragon Ball Super “Enemies Become Allies”:
    I don’t think it has anything to do with feminists considering this is Japan we are talking about. This is just fan service. People always wanted a female ssj, it’s just that the writers pulled it off in the laziest way possible. But I bet Toriyama will fix it in the manga at least. Every fuck up in the anime so far has been rectified in the monthly manga.

  • Shenmue III Development Report “A New Character!”:
    Will they do a re-release of Shenmue 1 and 2? Because I never played Part 2 since it never came out for the Dreamcast in America and I never owned an Xbox, which is the only system that got it.


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