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fuck the police!

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  • Final Fantasy XV “Fastest Selling Final Fantasy Ever”:
    I got a PS4 Pro with FFXV last week and still haven’t even touched the game yet. Because from what I’ve seen on streams and youtube it looks so damn boring and meh. I’ve been playing lots of Gravity Rush Remastered tho and while still feels like a Vita game it got me hype for the sequel with its unique and innovative gameplay and setting. And the music is so good too, like a Miyazaki movie.

  • Ghost in The Shell: Live Action Film VS Anime:
    The trailer was bad but it looks good. I mean, they nailed the aesthetics. At least on that regard it’s clear they put a lot of care.

  • Conan O’Brien Plays Final Fantasy XV:
    I was thinking on buying a PS4 for this game but ever since Tabata and his team took over the game started looking less and less appealing to me. Everything from story to combat seems so meh… It looks pretty tho but that is it.

  • Final Fantasy XV Locked In Combat:
    This game better be good because I pre-ordered a PS4 Pro just for it and if it sucks I’m gonna murder someone. But based on demos and previews it seems like it’s gonna suck goddammit! At least there’ll be Persona 5 and Ni no Kuni II to save the day and not make me regret this purchase.

  • Tenchi Muyo! OVA PV “The Classic Returns!”:
    The damn bastards forgot about Kiyone.


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