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Would take the horse over this any day.

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  • Pink Pineapple Oppai Mousepad “Most Realistic Ever”:
    Why is losing virginity so important? The only reason might be bragging about it in the webz.

  • Koukou Rettousei Bares All:
    Nope. This pairing has been set for thousands of years. It’s GOING to happen.

  • Koukou Rettousei Bares All:
    Me and my friend are reading the manga and the Novel, and that Imouto is actually devilishly cunning. I think she is his only real threat, and if he loses, god bless Japan for their wicked ideas and my entertainment :)

  • Pink Pineapple Oppai Mousepad “Most Realistic Ever”:
    Nice Idea but I see a few flaws, I’m a gamer, I dunno if I would click as fast as I would want to XD Not to mention focusing on the game itself … Not seeing it, I would buy, but not use much. … Maybe at work doing damn simulations … Yeah, that would work :D

  • Gaworare Mecha Moe Anime:
    I expected a typical gag with the robot girl, but the fast and sudden head roll caught me by surprise ho hard I woke up the whole house :) A good old joke well played and pulled off brilliantly. Thank you :) Also I like the comedy of this show, you can expect the gags, but without forcing them, they pull them in a strong and funny way. loving it.


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