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Ok guys, next COD stage: Russia. Grab your flamethrowers and get ready to burn!

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  • Clinton Crony: “Keijo = Child Porn!”:
    If only Margaret Thatcher still lives. This woman could definitely use the face time with the Iron Lady herself.

  • “Made in China” Dump Food Sold Fresh:
    The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation have talked about this for years. Most of them barely get by—struggling with unproductive soil, plant diseases, pests, and drought. Their livestock are frequently weak or sick. Reliable markets for their products and good information about pricing are hard to come by, and government policies rarely serve their interests well. Even if these people could grow food the land might not be any good. In the U.S. most farms have genetically altered seeds that can …

  • Clinton Crony: “Keijo = Child Porn!”:
    Cleary, their ideal female characters are gigantic oversized fat women who sweat butter.

  • Clinton Crony: “Keijo = Child Porn!”:
    They are never ‘for women’. They had always been for ‘themselves’. Every time they say something they always have represented themselves rather than the ladies they claim to represent.

  • Clinton Crony: “Keijo = Child Porn!”:
    The better question is, how was this woman tipped off to Keijo? Better yet, how do any of these folks get cued in?


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