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It’s possibly the only real thing in these photos

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  • Top 20 Most Capable Mecha Pilots:
    Nope, never heard of it, such weird words, how can you develop characters anyway?

  • Top 20 Most Capable Mecha Pilots:
    Amuro Ray is a whining little bitch though… Same for Suzaku(oh god I hate this guy) and the main guy from Seed Destiny, forgot his name, hate him too either way.

  • Berserk 2016 Falls From Grace:
    Don’t care about the CG at all, would it be better using the regular anime style? Definitely, but that doesn’t stop me from watching it. My only real concern is NO NIPPLES… Fuck those horrible Barbie doll bodies!

  • Berserk 2016 Falls From Grace:
    Too bad, Sidonia is a great series.

  • Mujaki no Rakuen OAD Sucks Hard:
    For those who want porn, Uran(the author) already did many hentai manga, just look for them, many look a lot like Mujaki no Rakuen. As always, no-nipple OVAs, meh


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