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What??? The original work was the 1989 manga. SAC is much more like the manga than the two movies.

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  • Ona-Colle Onahole “Quite Familiar…”:
    Should be shaped like a torpedo tube

  • Gangsta Recounts The Past:
    What’s with the BDSM imagery of main girl in the OP? Just stylistic fluff with some vague symbolic meaning (“this anime is really dark and edgy, yo”)? Or is there an actual relation to the content? The 4 episodes so far had nothing to indicate there is. Spoilers welcome.

  • Dragon Ball Super Trudging Along:
    I don’t care if they retell BoG and Revival of F (with some changes, it seems), as long as they then move on and keep churning out new episodes for all eternity. DB needs to become longer than One Piece, Doraemon and Sazae-san combined!!!

  • Top 30 Most Beautiful Seiyuu:
    Nico doesn’t seem to have a full version. Try here:たかはし智秋-今夜はチュパ-リコ-music-video_music

  • Soccer Spirits Releases Spirited CM:
    Thanks for the recommendation anon


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