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What??? The original work was the 1989 manga. SAC is much more like the manga than the two movies.

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  • Goddess of Twitter: “Come Watch Me Bathe!”:
    Are you mentally challenged? Proportion != height.

  • Goddess of Twitter: “Come Watch Me Bathe!”:
    Invalid comparison. The vast majority of Japanese think this law is useless and stupid as well. The only reason nobody’s doing anything about it is because Japanese politicians fear changing the status quo and your average Japanese citizen is mentally incapable of forming even just basic thoughts of political campaigning or activism.

  • Goddess of Twitter: “PPN JK!”:
    Have you actually looked at the whole thing??? She ended up as smooth as a newborn by the end of it. So smooth in fact, she couldn’t have possibly achieved that by shaving. She probably waxed.

  • Sultry Sakuya Ero-Cosplay by Mihono Sakaguchi:
    WTF anon, what ever happened to using Google?

  • Nosewasure Sexual Sensei Service:
    Alright 11:31, I’ll spell it out for you. because hentai mangas usually are like 20 pages long Not true (1). Most hentai manga are in fact ongoing magazine publications. Even direct-to-tankoubon one-shots are usually one volume, i.e. ~200 pages. Though you probably meant to talk about doujinshi and not manga. [20 pages] Not much can happen in that length. I find that hentai anime has an overall better experience than doujinshis You’re comparing to doujinshi, completely missing the point that …


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