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Both! (but more Yoko)

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  • Top 20 Coolest Anime:
    Ghost in the Shell made it on there? Humanity might be worthy of surviving after all… Characters: Cool Action: Cool Soundtrack: Cool-gasm

  • Top 20 Coolest Anime:
    I’m guessing it’s on top because of the theme music, which was pretty damn catchy. Still, the story was way too inconsistent or poorly executed at a lot of points.

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  • Gate Still Chill:
    Rory doesn’t get any serious competition for quite a while, especially compared to other series.

  • Gate Still Chill:
    Despite all the harem cliches, Rory stands out as the main girl with actual romantic interest in Itami. I think it works out better that way; normally, a character that’s set up like Rory is just included as a harem novelty, but she gets main-girl treatment. The other girls either don’t like Itami romantically, or they like other people instead.

  • Unlimited Blade Works Epilogue: “Happily Ever After!”:
    If it’s a single movie, it’ll just rush through the plot. A shorter series taking place next season would have been better; since people just watched UBW, they could have skipped to doing the important parts of Heaven’s Feel over 12 episodes or so.

  • Monster Musume no Nichijou Showcases Centorea & Suu:
    My body is ready.

  • Fuwa Ana 1mm Virgin Onahole “Pure Japan Quality”:
    Even a normal-sized fleshlight can get a bit rough if your lube spreads too thin. I imagine this would be too much of a hassle to keep applying lube constantly.


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