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Both! (but more Yoko)

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  • Top 20 Coolest Anime:
    Ghost in the Shell made it on there? Humanity might be worthy of surviving after all… Characters: Cool Action: Cool Soundtrack: Cool-gasm

  • Top 20 Coolest Anime:
    I’m guessing it’s on top because of the theme music, which was pretty damn catchy. Still, the story was way too inconsistent or poorly executed at a lot of points.

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  • Ghost in the Shell FPS Trailer Revealed:
    The GiTS characters deserve to be in proper adaptations; getting thrown into a random futuristic fps circle-jerk does nothing for the series.

  • Ghost in the Shell FPS Trailer Revealed:
    The Mateba was the most important!

  • Shingeki no Kyojin Movie Cast Revealed:
    “Spirit of the characters” my ass. Half of these characters are made up from scratch, and are probably included just to give jobs to friends/family/connections of the higher ranking staff. That, and they changed the setting too; why the hell does Hanji have a rocket launcher? This is going to be another failure of an adaptation.

  • Unlimited Blade Works: “Gone Berserk”:
    Watch Fate/Zero at least to see if you want to get into the series more; it’s the prequel to all other various storylines, and the production values are far superior to the Fate/Stay night anime from 2006. I watched the 2006 anime first, but it’s not really necessary to do it in order of release. But, it might hurt to go from the awesomeness of Fate/Zero to the mediocrity of the Fate/Stay Night anime if you watch it in that order.

  • Tetsuya Nomura: “Miku Collaboration Game Possible”:
    Square Enix has turned their fans into addicts. We want to get the same high we had when we were younger, but it’s just never the same ,and we’re always left disappointed…


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