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It’s about two girl bounty hunters, one of which is a loli that worked as a prostitue when she was like 13 and uses explosives and the other one that uses guns. They also have a gunsmith shop.

The manga > the anime in this case as well, but the english version was horribly handled. The first release mirrored everything, while the omnibus kept most of the mirrored version’s translation (including the left > right stuff). They also changed a bit of the loli’s story to make it seem like she was taking drugs to try and grow bigger when she was taking them to stunt her growth.

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    >Tiger & Bunny >cool HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Star driver? make a robot look totally gay is cool? lol wtf happen to this world. Pd: I remembed Scryed more to the opening who looks like a Ricky Martin song

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    were trigun at

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    I agree, Scryed was horrible. The premise looked interesting at the start, but they pretty much failed at everything, from the art to the writing. I kept watching it, thinking it was sure to get better, but it just kept getting worse as the series progressed. Then, it ended terribly.

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    Actually, it’s pretty terrible.

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