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Have to agree. Looking back on that anime, I didn’t understand/like it when I was a kid, grew up and now that I understand it I like it even less.

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  • Top 20 Coolest Anime:
    FLCL is an American favorite.

  • Top 20 Coolest Anime:
    Yoko Kanno cool-gasm or Kenji Kawai?

  • Top 20 Coolest Anime:
    Which Gundam series are you thinking of where they were “Cool”? Wing?

  • Top 20 Coolest Anime:
    Because the lists would come out worse.

  • Top 20 Coolest Anime:
    It’s about a 6/10 overall. It got really stupid once the mainland was involved that the powers started evolving. What they should’ve done was force Kazuma to gain some level of personal growth by having to fight smarter, not give him an unstoppable trump card!

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