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Tactics used by smaller companies don’t include strong multimillion dollar ad campaigns, here’s the thing if you market a videogame right as and thrown so much God damn money added that everyone knows its name, you can make your money back at the very least.

Scaling back the development size from what was Final Fantasy XIII $70 million, scaling that retarded amount of money back to may be 5 million, and don’t get me wrong that women sacrifice gameplay that would you sacrifice the graphics, the things that really do not matter in a game besides make it look pretty. If they scale back the graphics on the game to the extent that they’re just using sprites they could probably turn a profit even on a failure like Final Fantasy XIII.

No design in the game with Westerners in mind isn’t a bad idea, but that really entails is just not having such obscure cultural references that anyone who doesn’t already know them would never figure them out. Think of it like pop culture references in anime, for the most part Westerners are not understand any pop-culture reference to celebrities in Japan, the kind of think of it like scaling it back so it’s not so much culture shock where you have to read a fucking codex just to figure out what the hell that means. Sure you might not get the rabid fans who want to immerse themselves in complete Japanese culture but you also make yourself more accessible to the mass audiences.

With Square Enix really needs to do is two things.
Number one, just because something is complicated doesn’t mean people can it be interested in it, take Final Fantasy XIII as an example. They explained dick during the actual game, forcing you to read the ship tons of data and trees just to figure out what the hell something meant. And this is nothing you can actually figure out given the context of its use. That was probably the most alienating factor of the game and why I didn’t make it past seven hours.
Number two, they need to figure out how to make games and other genres, take a look at an action game from America and an action game from Japan. More often than not the controls in the Japanese game are very poor while the controls in the American game are fairly generic. I’m not talking about rare exceptions like bayonetta and Devil May cry. A lot of the times any time there is any form of action game it feels clunky they need to fix that.

How going back to basics for them would be the plot of Final Fantasy I. Take that plot and make the game around it. Make the game more about the journeys in the destination, given the game side quests give towns feeling, make it feel like these books people are alive and not just there to see one or two lines of dialogue and that’s it.

Square really need to cut its losses with what it did was 13, and more than that they need to fucking stopper with the social games that fail all they do is besmirch their name whenever that’s left of it anyway.

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