Comment on Square Enix Back in the Red: “Expect Even More Remakes!” by Rya:

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Why is there always someone who takes things to the extreme and dismiss all criticism like you do? I bet there is someone like that at Squeenix too. And all the other Yes Man there just nod and do their usual routine of giving us more shitty games. This lack of common sense will be their downfall.

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    Yes! Panzer vor!

  • Love Live Sunshine An Emotional Struggle:
    Yoshiko is the sexiest one, weird. Dia is unexpectedly cute and clumsy. And Kanan and Mari might as well get married right away.

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    The girls’ uniform of Mahouka really is the best. A sleeveless, formfitting white dress. Thank god there are no fat girls at that school.

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    At this point in the manga, I am not even sure anymore if the girls don’t do that shit on purpose.

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    Well, I guess not many people actually watched the first Negima anime. Or that equally terrible reboot. Or that comedy(?) show. And thank god for that, I wouldn’t put my worst enemies through that shit. It’s really impressive how often they tried to adapt this amazing manga and failed. Then they finally succeeded in the OVAs. How? They just animated the fucking manga. That’s how it should have been in the first place, you idiots.


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