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Why is there always someone who takes things to the extreme and dismiss all criticism like you do? I bet there is someone like that at Squeenix too. And all the other Yes Man there just nod and do their usual routine of giving us more shitty games. This lack of common sense will be their downfall.

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  • Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F Trailer “Frieza’s New Form!”:
    Why would he? It’s just Frieza.

  • Love Live! Sunshine!! Teased:
    He isn’t great but it could still work if the girls weren’t so shallow. Cool girl, lively girl, ambitious girl, girl who plays lacrosse, russian girl, girl who sleeps alot, cat fetish girl etc etc. You know exactly who I’m talking about and that is ALL you know about them. It’s so generic if the word didn’t exist it would need to be invented for this anime. The producer is the only one who is not generic and actually has a past and reasons for his behaviour.

  • Love Live! Sunshine!! Teased:
    “deserve” is a really strong word. Some have really nice designs but their personalities can be summarized in two words. If they aren’t fleshed out and given meaningful traits and stories, it would end up like cinderella girls. The producer moves the plot and all the girls do is say a line and make a face to that. 8 episodes in and all I know about the girls is the fact that they are girls and most of them are crazy.

  • Cross Ange BD Boasts Bare Breasts:
    dat autism

  • Top 15 Cinderella Girls:
    If an anime has a Rin, Rin is the best. Rin = Win.


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