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Yeah, right… Stop “westernizing” the RPG’s?

From now on ALL JRPGs that dare feature any of the follwing shan’t be developed/played:
1. Anything that features people wearing ANYTHING but Yukata and Kimonos shan’t be used. Al other clothing styles are WESTERN so they are forbidden.
2. Absolutely NO Weaponry, Items, Armor, Stories or references to stories or History, etc. thar are WESTERN in origin or derived from.
3. Absolutely, positively No usage of WESTERN words of ANY KIND IN ANY WAY, spoken, written, or printed. If it can’t be said in Japanese then it shan’t be included.
4. NO ONLINE PLAY. The technologies for that were created by filthy WESTERNERS so you WILL NOT USE IT.

Abide by these rules or be called a hypocrite.

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