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Okay guys, curb the explosion jokes.

Let’s be honest here, a cosplay wedding is pretty fucking cool.

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  • Her Bum is Amazing “No Butts About It”:
    I will never understand those who get excited for breasts… They’re literally just fat, nothing sexual about it. Unlike butts which can provide pleasure to a woman, you don’t exactly feel much from touching a breast, except maybe a ticklish feeling. The important bits are the nipples, the fat around them are unimportant.

  • Yet Another Final Fantasy XIV Documentary Emerges:
    I guess you never played FF11.

  • Her Bum is Amazing “No Butts About It”:

  • Monster Musume English Dub “Monstrous Indeed”:
    Figures. “The House Actors of Funimation” It goes without saying why the DUB fails: It’s FUNimation. (Most of their House Actors don’t even try to do a good job. They know they’re their job is guaranteed, therefore all they have to do is perform the same exact dubs that they’ve been doing for the last 15+ years. (I forget that Sentai Filmworks borrows 90% of their cast-members because they’re secretly still FUNimation. But that’s nothing new since they’re the reincarnation of ADV, which leached …

  • Yet Another Final Fantasy XIV Documentary Emerges:
    FF14 is rather a clone of ff11. And ff11 is older than WoW.


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