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It takes a lot more than managing a careful diet. I seen a girl go from morbidly obese to acceptable weight (as in not too skinny or too fat), yet she still looked really ugly. It took her a couple years of trying all sorts of things to figure out what would make her skin softer. Even longer to figure out what habits lead to different structures forming in her appearance and getting rid of them.

The whole time she was trying all sort of beauty products which claimed all sorts of things, but none of them actually worked. Even something as simple as acne has so many ways for it to manifest that your essentially groping at straws until you find what works.

There are plenty of women out there where losing weight is really all they need to become beautiful. But there are also plenty out there where losing weight is only a small step in the process. Sadly most of the women in both categories resort to plastic surgery which rarely looks rights and tends to be a band-aid in the long run.

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    Leave it for season 2! And add some Chidoripaperfanattacks on top!

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    Or season 3 of Free

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    Girls in panties, quick censor it before the SJW’s get wind of it and start a petition! The fuck is going on these days. Also the fog is never removed in the English release if I remember correctly. Enjoy your perma-fog, censorship cock suckers.

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    apparently you guys don’t know shit about fashion

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    Kadokawa’s slogan should be “we’re Kadokawa, fuck you”. I means, who cares if tens of thousands of people would happily spend money a new Haruhi TV series or movie that’s actually based on the novels? Kadokawa would much rather fund a show to promote a spin-off manga set in an alternate reality, just because it’s still ongoing, while the novel series has been stalled forever. From the minds that brought you Endless Hate, just at a different studio!


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