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Angry nobody likes uggos like you?


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  • Rail Wars! Train Harem Anime:
    All characters are cliches and bad ones at that. The readhead is the worst of all…

  • Rail Wars Rails Harder:
    It’s utter garbage. Shit (and I mean really shit) onedimenisional characters with the typical dumb and weak protagonist, the unlikable sexist feminazi cunt that needs a punch in the face, the clumsy girl with big tits and the older manager chick with big tits. There is no story whatsoever and absolutely nothing interesting going on at all. I was fastforwarding the second episode and will skip it from here on out. The concept was interesting but the execution is just really really bad!

  • Yariman Gakuen Senior Service Ero-Anime:
    Hahaha, I like your attitude! :-)

  • Seikoku no Dragonar Nipple Anime:
    BD of course, but I am talking about the TV version. Other countries get a less censored version on TV.

  • Seikoku no Dragonar Nipple Anime:
    No nipples on the funimation version. In fact most of the scene is actually missing. Violence, yes. Brutality, yes. But tits? Nooo nooo nooo, no tits for americans, they can’t handle that. Hahahaha, pathetic :-).


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