Comment on Taiwan’s Cutest Cosplayer: “I Lost 20kg So I Could Cosplay” by Anonymous:

Nice fallacy you have there. Being close to the ideal for beauty in your culture means you have significantly higher chance at being able to have a relationship with the kind of partner you desire.

Being pretty means more likely that other pretty people will be interested in you, and the other way around. Unless you failed 6th grade math, the implications should be obvious.

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    I’m so glad us fujoshi are finally getting some good fan service~ Their target audience is mostly for us fujoshi. So the rest of you people that really don’t like this type of fan service can take a break from anime this summer season and not deal with it :P

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    HOLY TITS…!!!!!

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    how is this shit considered to be sexy

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    rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the rub.

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