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Nope, still not enough to make me by that terrible PS Vita.

This isn’t a Vita exclusive title, right?

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  • The Great Reversal! “Paradise Indeed”:
    Would have been fine… if not for the goddamn fire hose levels of jizz the dudes pumping out.

  • God Eater 2: Rage Burst Opening Revealed:
    If that shameful fucking ending is done and gone with, I will be happy.

  • Sony Dumps Square Enix:
    Maybe this will be the wake up call for them (SE). Heads should fucking roll and I am looking at the shit stain who kept pushing Lightning. Get rid of them, cut them out, they are fucking cancer. Then drop your terrible idea of going to social media games. There is no saving the company if you continue on this path.

  • NHK: Kantai Collection “More Popular Than Obama”:
    Seriously? That’s like saying “Porn helps virgins masturbate.” Fuck, at this point I could kill twelve toddlers while using one as a flail and I’d be more popular than that piece of trash President.

  • Sega Hard Girls Nets Anime:
    Moe is not quality. It’s a lack there of. It’s the equivalent of taking a rusty spoon and painting over the rust. Simpletons are distracted by the glitter while everyone else can see that it’s just a piece of crap with a new paint job.


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