Comment on AKB48′s Minami Minegishi Shaves Off Hair As Sex Apology by Rokudaime:

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This is really horrible…Imo, she would be better off getting out of that shitty group and their crazy managers while she can…Seriously, wtf!? Bastards…

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  • Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Harmonious Romance Anime:
    Hmmm…Interesting…The art-style looks like Shoujo to me, which suggests the show is aimed at girls, yet there is obviously still plenty of cute girls being cute in it (doesn’t matter if it’s just one girl being cute, as long as she has a lot of screentime)…So possibly it might be a show that has good romance and a cute girl in it, but not too much blatant fanservice. That sounds good to my ears, assuming the story is at least somewhat decent. I’m a guy, but while I don’t mind watching …

  • No Game No Life’s Yuu Kamiya “Blatantly Traced”:
    This is just stupid. All he’s done is use the same poses, while everything else is different. That’s not tracing, that’s using an image as a reference, and should be totally ok.

  • Naruto Ends November – “Finally!”:
    I don’t read the manga (on a regular basis anyway), but I’ve been following the anime ever since it started back in 2002. :-) That’s 12, almost 13 years ago now…It was also my first anime. So, it’s strange to think about it ending. I totally don’t have a problem with it, and I’m not even sad really, despite the fact that I’ve enjoyed it immensely all the way (apart from those damn horrible fillers…), it’s just that it’s always been there for all these years, ever since I got into anime, so …

  • Supocon Ero-Anime Sports an Eyeful:
    Hmm, this actually looks all right. Nothing weird, and normal, consentual sex that both parties enjoy. Just the way I like it.

  • Street Fighter Artbook Quite An Eyeful:
    “undeniably sexy” I don’t know about the “undeniably” part…I prefer girls that aren’t full of muscles…Too masculine/un-feminine for me.


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