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Personally I think Nise is superior to Bake in any given way. :3

But you have to watch it on BD, of course. But that rule applies to pretty much any anime.

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  • “Euthanasia” Stabber Slaughters 19 Patients:
    Have never said that. Acknowledging that they are a burden is important, though. Claiming they could contribute to society when they really can’t is just irresponsible. Caring for the mentally disabled is neither an investment, like caring for children is, nor is it paying back, like caring for your parents is. It’s just a burden. If the mentally disabled are children, it’s an investment that will never pay off and if the they are your parents, they won’t even recognize you or that you’re …

  • “Euthanasia” Stabber Slaughters 19 Patients:
    The irony here is that the guy is pretty much right and there are countries where euthanasia is allowed. It’s a tough subject to discuss, but ultimately I think Japan should drop it’s policy on censoring porn before tackling this issue.

  • “Euthanasia” Stabber Slaughters 19 Patients:
    It’s funny because he thinks of humankind and you don’t and he’s pretty much in the right about everything and you’re not. And that’s why you insult him, instead of presenting arguments. Because you know you have no arguments, because you know he is right, so insults are all that are left to you. If disabled people ain’t a burden on society,.. then what are they? They’re not exactly a heavy burden (except on the people who have to care for them), but saying they’re not a burden is just silly.

  • “Euthanasia” Stabber Slaughters 19 Patients:
    It’s not really a sphere but more like misshapen clump. But just look at all the other planets. They suck more.

  • “Euthanasia” Stabber Slaughters 19 Patients:
    This will become especially interesting in the near future, because drinking water will be scarce. As long as we live in abundance, it’s easy to claim the moral high ground. Wonder how many people will continue to do so once shit hits the fan.


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