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but said anime is a harem comedy, so jacking off to it’s kinda the whole point. Censorship just kills it.

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  • Digimon Adventure Tri PV Battles It Out:
    Oh please, after only 15 years? Lately, we’ve been seeing anime reboots that brought back voice actors from over 20 years ago. Hell, Masako Nozawa’s still voicing Goku despite the fact that she’s approaching 80. And who could forget Digimon’s unfairly compared-to “rival” series Pokemon? It’s been running since before Digimon Adventure was ever a thing, and its 5 ever-present characters (Satoshi/Ash, Pikachu, and the Rockets) still have the same Japanese voices they’ve had since day one.

  • Digimon Adventure Tri PV Battles It Out:
    Damn, Mimi’s no longer voiced by Ai Maeda. Did the former singer of the Digimon endings just completely quit the franchise or what? BTW, I didn’t take much time to observe the rest of that cast list, but is anyone reprising their roles here? I’d imagine at least Agumon and Gabumon’s voices making a return, considering they were just in Cyber Sleuth.

  • Top 20 Most Shocking Anime & Manga Endings:
    True that. I think the only new revelation we ever hear about in the final episode is that Poppo was apparently there when she died and felt guilty over the fact that he did nothing, that and everyone becomes able to see her seconds before she passes on. Wouldn’t exactly call that “shocking”.

  • W Devil H Hospitality “Rias & Akeno!”:
    Violated, raped, penetrated, sexed up, taking a stick of raw man meat inside of their holes, it’s all the same thing and you know damn well what I meant.

  • W Devil H Hospitality “Rias & Akeno!”:
    Geez, wasn’t expecting to see so many negative comments about this. Look, art styles vary from doujin author to doujin author, and you certainly can’t expect every one of them to perfectly match the style of a show. At any rate, I think the basic idea of erotic secondary works is the same across all cases: you get to watch a character you like and/or find hot getting violated, and while the art may not exactly be the same as that character’s source material, it should still be enjoyable so long …


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