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China: “Girls und Panzer = Japanese Militarism!”


China’s military media has been attracting ridicule in China and beyond after it published an article attacking bishoujo tanker anime Girls und Panzer for being secret Japanese militarist propaganda.

The piece, originally published by a PLA affiliated military newspaper, criticised Girls und Panzer for downplaying Japanese wartime aggression in favour of cute girls, even going so far as to suggest it was intended as subtle militarist propaganda and might help train the tank crews Japan is obviously desperate to send rampaging through China.


Even amongst Chinese, the notion that an anime this innocuous is implicated in a resurgence of militarism has attracted ridicule – although despite the online majority dismissing the criticism as crazed propaganda from their own military, some still insist only the Japanese devils could be sneaky enough to disguise their warmongering intentions with girls as cute as those of Girls und Panzer.


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