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Not into big breasts or traps.

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  • Grisaia no Rakuen All Too Depressing:
    Don’t worry, you will only see child abuse and sex/rape with shotas, never with lolis and older guy.

  • Hitomi is Your Bride: “Biggest in the Business!?”:
    Just to add something to Anon @ 07:34 Anime is sadly fine without sexualizing lolis. You can take a good look how rare it is these days that a series has any loli fanservice, much less in “every sexual pose”. Even Nanoha ViVid is cutting out the sexualization. Really, lolis are dying out from anime because of extremist feminists.

  • Hitomi is Your Bride: “Biggest in the Business!?”:
    It’s not about liking the same thing or not. It is ugly. Those lumps are ruining her health and her life. And more than anything, it has nothing to do with that angry proxy using landwhale.

  • Hitomi is Your Bride: “Biggest in the Business!?”:
    For that sad defender of these hideous cow tits; 11 year girls don’t look like little boys. There are more factors than breasts to femininity, though I guess someone like you are blind to true feminine beauty as well. If anything, saying that little boys look like little girls is a better wording than saying little girls look like little boys, since at that age, before puberty, only the feminine hormones are at work in a human’s body. That said, there’s still plenty enough difference between …

  • Hitomi is Your Bride: “Biggest in the Business!?”:
    No, you don’t do someone like her even for one night. You just…don’t.


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