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“A typical desktop monitor at 1080 isn’t a “retina display” by any means.”

But a television at that resolution is, so long as you’re sitting at a typical viewing distance. At a distance of 2 meters (6.5 feet), someone with 20/20 vision isn’t going to notice any perceptible difference between 1080p and 2160p on a 50 inch display. There may be four times as many pixels, but you can’t distinguish them from that far away. As far as television goes, 4k will mostly be a gimmick that will add cost to screens without adding any real value. 8k is even more pointless, since you’d need to be sitting less than 1 meter from a 50″ display to notice any slight difference from 4k, and would have to crane your neck back and forth just to watch a show.

Even if you are sitting close enough to a 4k screen to be able to see the added detail, and are viewing a native 2160p broadcast, anime isn’t likely to look any better. The animators can only draw in so much detail, after all. Even the difference between watching anime on a DVD or a 1080p blu-ray is marginal. Lines might look a bit sharper, but otherwise you’re not getting any more actual detail.

Manufacturers can’t expect television sales to continue as they have in recent years. People were willing to upgrade their old CRT televisions to higher resolution flat screens, but minor features and quality improvements don’t provide nearly as much incentive to upgrade again.

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