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“but I won’t buy a TV and subscription for one show”

I find the biggest problem is that broadcasters and cable providers can’t let go of the idea of channels, time slots, and region locking.

So instead of forcing me to buy 50 channels on basic cable followed by 3 tiers of upgrade channels to get the one that airs the one show I want to watch, give me the ability to subscribe to a particular show (like a YouTube Channel but through micro payments), let me watch it on demand and in whatever quality I choose when it best fits MY schedule and don’t region lock it to the USA only. You know what? I might even be willing to pay slightly more for a totally commercial free version.

There’s a reason HULU, Netflix, and the like are growing in business while the cable co’s are losing it.

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  • Gate Monstrously Chaotic:
    Actually, I’ve found out, “abandoning ship,” has improved my own enjoyability for finding good series. Nothing more annoying than friends that keep harassing you, “it gets better later, trust me.” If it doesn’t grab you right off the bat, move on, time is precious.

  • Gensou no Grimgar BD “Delivering Shameless Bathing!”:
    The slowness is good. Actually i fanscreamed when manato died.. YES FINALLY BITCH STAR BOY DIED! HRRHHRHAHAHRHR!! *cough* Ehem… it’s nice~

  • Atelier Shallie Plus Trailer Talks Incessantly:
    The irony is that if they released a plain port of the Atelier games on the Vita, there’d be less complaints. Fuck, they might even make more money since they’d have to spend less time (and salaries) making new assets. I’m not really one to white-knight a game company, but if a game company makes improvements to a game, isn’t that generally a desirable thing? … unless you want to believe that they’re withholding content for years just for the Vita port.

  • Naughty Cat Keyhole Lingerie Exposes Serious Pussy:
    “The phenomenally sexy lingerie, available in both “chocolate” and “vanilla” flavors” If i remember well in Nekopara & according to Sayori @ neko works artworks, Chocolat & Vanilla are the 2 neko-girls as black & white… What a coincidence… :D

  • Sexy Non-Japanese Cosplay Gallery:
    seems like you’re the kind of person the second to last paragraph was talking about


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