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Yeah… TV is pretty much dead, but not everyone noticed that simple fact yet. Probably it will keep itself alive for generations to come, like with radio. Though, unlike radio, I can’t see any situation were a TV still fits in my life. And even with radio that’s pretty much only while waiting for someone like my dentist….

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  • Criminal Girls: Invite Only Trailer Revealed:
    yup, people are dumb. All they support this way is censorship.

  • Criminal Girls: Invite Only Trailer Revealed:
    >> NIS America has pointed out that some >> changes had to be made in order for the >> game to arrive in the US Yeah.. a couple of month ago they had this to say. “- The punishment minigame [....] the associated audio will not be present (moans, gasps, short phrases, etc.). The second is that for certain scenes with little to no steam, some steam effects will be added back in to obscure some potentially problematic images.” …

  • Jutaijima Pretty Perverse:
    With flat chests?

  • Criminal Girls: Invite Only Trailer Revealed:
    lol, fuck them bastards for censoring games. Luckily I played the Japanese version for PSP way back when sankom first reported on this game… and I liked it :D

  • Jutaijima Pretty Perverse:
    The girls have way too big boobs. Seriously. WTF happened to you, Japan?


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