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They might have just got too big. Unlike other branches of mafia in Japan, the police needs to at least keep up some sort of appearances. As long as the dubious enterprises under their protection (in exchange for money) stay small, it won’t attract too much public attention. But if it gets huge, there’s no way the media and all manner of organizations won’t start asking how the police allows it to continue.

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    I have no problems with Working s3. It’s actually getting somewhere, which is something nobody could say about the second season. However, SxS was strong all the way through, with quite clear progress. The problem about Charlotte is that the characters suck. They first introduced a kickass main character, but then almost immediately reduced him to a 100% passive loser. The female lead was annoying from the beginning and she’s not even cute, which is exceedingly strange from Key.

  • Top 45 Summer Anime of 2015, According to Animate:
    Another fail list from Japan. Easily one of the best shows of the season, Overlord, is #27. A complete snorefest like Charlotte is #5. I guess even the pacifistic Japanese have enough patriotism to vote highly the celebration of naive natiolism Gate. Seeing how Working is #1, if they had instead animated more of the much better Servant x Service, it would have been the mysteriously venerated by the Japanese number zero instead of mere #1. I won’t complain about Shirayukihime’s position. I love …

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    I guess you never watched Log Horizon s2. I loved the first season, but the second season was about as interesting as reading through a phone book starting from A.

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    Maybe there doesn’t even exist an American voice actor, who would sound evil enough as Kirei. This one certainly doesn’t.

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    They would only make easy target practice. A blind man could hit a slow, cumbersome thing of that size.


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