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Looks like Hijikate is in Otaku mode again if I look atr his outfit.

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  • Obake-chan Short “Weird But Cute!”:
    well I let it bake for one more minuet and found it

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    Glad to see Haibane Renmei here.

  • Obake-chan Short “Weird But Cute!”:
    well just like MEMEME its gone. wonder why it has been removed. cant fined it on the google or youtubes so I quit. good luck to any who gos looking for it!

  • Top 30 Unknown Anime & Manga You’d Recommend:
    There are a lot of anime I could add to this list, but I’m calling one that no one else will name. That one I consider the first “anime” I’ve ever seen back in ~1994. (I highlighted anime because as a child one might have watched countless anime, but it’s not known whether they are anime or cartoons. Also, at that time the term anime was alien to everyone^^ I’ve seen NGE, Escaflowne, Gantz and even rare gems years before hearing the term “anime”. Still, I consider “my first anime” to be the …


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