Top 20 Seiyuu Who’ll Still Be Around In 10 Years


Seiyuu fans have been exercising themselves over the question of which seiyuu look as if they will still be active even 10 years hence, should they avoid attrition due to age, career change, scandal, or the fickle tastes of their fans – and as usual, it is the male seiyuu who seem most likely to stay the course…

The ranking:

1. Mamoru Miyano

2. Yuuichi Nakamura

3. Kana Hanazawa

4. Miyuki Sawashiro

5. Jun Fukuyama

6. Rie Kugimiya

7. Hiroshi Kamiya

8. Aya Endo

9. Haruka Tomatsu

10. Tomokazu Sugita

11. Kanae Ito

12. Yui Horie

13. Takahiro Sakurai

14. Aki Toyosaki

15. Hiro Shimono

16. Ai Kayano

17. Nana Mizuki

18. Kana Ueda

19. Nobuhiko Okamoto

20. Eri Kitamura


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