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I’m just glad that Hanazawa Kana is slightly younger than me. Knowing JP’s life expectancy, I’ll die before she stop working

If she quit VAing… I’ll have one less reason to live for…

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  • Sankaku App 1.6: Intents & Users:
    Ability to edit tags/ratings like you can on the website would be nice.

  • Gate Monstrously Chaotic:
    Someone who can get promoted at least once.

  • Gate Monstrously Chaotic:
    She might turn into a magical railgun

  • Sankaku App 1.6: Intents & Users:
    I heard about some subscription with no ads planned.

  • Dagashi Kashi A Barrage of Tasty Trivia:
    Hardchuck1 [2:04 P.M.]: hi where in so. calif im in orange county do u want older or younger Stadyumsux [2:04 P.M.]: <—riverside like older Stadyumsux [2:05 P.M.]: 13 u? Hardchuck1 [2:05 P.M.]: kool i go from anaheim to hemet on weekends older into younger Stadyumsux [2:06 P.M.]: how old ru? Hardchuck1 [2:07 P.M.]: to old for what u are looking for i could be ur grandpa into young boys ur age love to cuddle with them caress their body work my tongue all over and suck their hard cock dry …


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