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Definitely agree with her being near the top of the list.

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  • Shimoseka BD Perkier Than Ever:
    Holy fuck, are these the first female nipples drawn by JC Staff since the Utena movie?

  • Pokemassacre Averted:
    You forgot that they’ll also blame the convention center for being a “gun free” zone and Massachusetts for being a may-issue state.

  • Pokemassacre Averted:
    Ranges? Many of us can shoot in our backyards and have done so for generations.

  • Pokemassacre Averted:
    It’s not, nor in any other state. States that have “assault weapon” bans just don’t like semi-automatic rifles with cosmetic features like flash-hiders, pistol grips, adjustable stocks, etc… a Ruger ranch rifle with a 30-round magazine is capable of being used for just as much harm as an AR-15.

  • Pokemassacre Averted:
    Pretty much.


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