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Getting a little too defensive, aren’t you? I happen to just think that it’s ludicrous to think that what a person likes in fantasy doesn’t even somewhat reflect what one could appreciate in reality. I like Straight Shota (women who like younger boys), and even with that comes reasoning and limitations. I think with Lolicons, I can see the limitations (such as, I know some who don’t even like to see Lolis presented sexually, yet they still have some kind of obsession and attraction with them), but I still can’t see the reasoning.

Anime isn’t’ real, I know that. Sure, go ahead and rape anime girls with your eyes for all I care XD (not saying you want to do that, I mean it as “you can even go that far if you want, it doesn’t matter to me”). It’s not like I believe that fictional characters are equal to living beings. But your tastes still reflect you in some way, even if it doesn’t mean what you like in fiction will translate directly into real life.

I’m only sharing my thoughts as to why people even like lolis. It’s something I’m still trying to figure out if it’s even possible to understand.

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    Once again, kinda meaningless to reply to a 2 year old comment, but… She doesn’t have heterochromia, she was wearing a contact lens that Haruhi modified with her powers. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t the first person to appear in anime with that either, it’s just always been seen as a cool thing. And I really don’t see it that often, so I don’t know what shows you’ve been watching.

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    I know this is an old comment, and pointless to reply to it, but…. Do you even know what loli means? Because aside from these two kids, none of these girls would be considered a loli.

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    @ the anon replying to 3rdEye… I don’t think you’re a pedophile, well who knows.. I’ll never know for sure, but I still wouldn’t call people who love lolis to be “pedophiles”, I call them lolion… you like animated little girls, not real little girls. Don’t worry, my respect for your taste (and understandably, the respect most people might have for your tastes) is not exactly as low as my respect for pedos.. =P (don’t know if that helps, at all). And I’m totally against censorship of all …

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    Forget these retarded 3rdEye,people like this who thinks:you like loli characters so you’re a pedophile,are those that allow Ishihara,Agnes & Co to make censorship and promulgate ignoble and retrograde laws,so the real enemies of nowadays anime…And yes i really miss too 3-4 years ago when fanservice is real and not this fucking convenient censoring everywhere!A friend of mine speaks the truth:why put it on if you hide or doesn’t show anything at all?!

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    Oh nos! LOLI ORAL INSERTION BECOMING THE FAD! Now in this show, they do it on none other than Index-tan!

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