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firstly, what’s up with the messed up ordering of the comments section around here?

Now, 3rdEye, all I can say is, you totally misread much of what I said, or just weren’t reading it well enough, and other than that it seems either you or I have a extremely skewed/warped view about lolis and their popularity, and of course I don’t think it’s me >.> The first point I can argue, but it’s going to be pointless arguing the second with you, I’m sure…

I didn’t say that lolicon is worse than guro. Read what I said again, carefully. Let me give you an example of what I was saying. I mentioned Blind Beast, which is about two people who drive eachother to such insane lengths in their love for one another that they end up doing crazy things to express that love, even somehow making death seem like an expression of their love. Even if I find it to be horrible, I can accept that easier than the idea of presenting a child-looking anime character in a sexual light. The majority of guro is definitely harder to accept than lolicon, though.

Just because I stated my tastes doesn’t mean I’m trying to impose them on anyone else. People can look for whatever they want in a woman, I’m just presenting my view about why I find certain aspects of lolis unhealthy to want in a woman. But hey, if people want to smoke, go ahead and smoke, I’m not stopping you.

I said that Yaoi has less chance of ruining an anime I am watching than lolicon would. I don’t have to enjoy it, it just doesn’t bother me as much. You’re absolutely twisting what I’m saying.

You say that oppai fanservice is taking over anime, I say that lolicon anime is. Whither sexualized or not (you can often leave the sexualizing to the fans), the majority of top ranked and/or most popular anime in the past decade has been drenched in moe/loli. There are also a lot of anime like Manyuu Hikenchou, Queen’s Blade, and Maken-Ki, but when have you ever seen those in any charts of any kind? How can you compare their popularity with the likes of K-On? They’re just noted for their tiny bits of loli fanservice then quickly forgotten by the masses.

I’m willing to understand lolicons, but it hasn’t been easy. Sometimes I think they’re just in another world.

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  • Tomodachi ga Sukunai Little Sister Oral Insertion Anime:
    Once again, kinda meaningless to reply to a 2 year old comment, but… She doesn’t have heterochromia, she was wearing a contact lens that Haruhi modified with her powers. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t the first person to appear in anime with that either, it’s just always been seen as a cool thing. And I really don’t see it that often, so I don’t know what shows you’ve been watching.

  • Tomodachi ga Sukunai Little Sister Oral Insertion Anime:
    I know this is an old comment, and pointless to reply to it, but…. Do you even know what loli means? Because aside from these two kids, none of these girls would be considered a loli.

  • Tomodachi ga Sukunai Little Sister Oral Insertion Anime:
    @ the anon replying to 3rdEye… I don’t think you’re a pedophile, well who knows.. I’ll never know for sure, but I still wouldn’t call people who love lolis to be “pedophiles”, I call them lolion… you like animated little girls, not real little girls. Don’t worry, my respect for your taste (and understandably, the respect most people might have for your tastes) is not exactly as low as my respect for pedos.. =P (don’t know if that helps, at all). And I’m totally against censorship of all …

  • Tomodachi ga Sukunai Little Sister Oral Insertion Anime:
    Forget these retarded 3rdEye,people like this who thinks:you like loli characters so you’re a pedophile,are those that allow Ishihara,Agnes & Co to make censorship and promulgate ignoble and retrograde laws,so the real enemies of nowadays anime…And yes i really miss too 3-4 years ago when fanservice is real and not this fucking convenient censoring everywhere!A friend of mine speaks the truth:why put it on if you hide or doesn’t show anything at all?!

  • Tomodachi ga Sukunai Little Sister Oral Insertion Anime:
    Oh nos! LOLI ORAL INSERTION BECOMING THE FAD! Now in this show, they do it on none other than Index-tan!

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