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Nice loliphobic messed up view on things there.
1. Sena not looking more than 14? Please, she looks 100% grown-up no problem.
2. Loli popularity? Once again, you must see lolis even where there aren’t any; lolis are very niche especially nowadays; in fact aside from Haganai you can hardly come upon any in running series; and even here they are freaking minor characters.
3. You really should get your eyes checked if you think any girls involved are “entering toddler territory”.
4. Liking loli works both sexually or not sexually for most lolicons; that ONE episode of ONE show caters to the former shouldn’t even be a problem in the first place.
5. If you think lolicon is on the same level, no, it’s even WORSE than guro, you have serious problems with your values. Lolicon rape? Yes, that’s nasty, but consensual lolicon stuff doesn’t even come close, not to mention anime series where there isn’t any explicit material.
6. You are even more of a hypocrite if you think the values YOU want in a woman should be everyone’s idea about it. Saying it’s the same as reality also completely contradicts your point, since most anime loli shares exactly the traits you listed as your ideal values, on the contrary to real children.
7. Seriously, preferring yaoi? One could mention how that’s a sin going by the bible, unlike loving children, or how that’s (actually, and proven) just a preference unlike being a lolicon, etc. But a common, and not completely unjustified remark would be “are you gay or something?”
8. This shouldn’t even matter, since one of the least child abuse happens in Japan, so as long as they keep it 2D, why does it even bother anyone?

And alas, the main point would be my first. Lolis are represented in only a fraction of currently airing series, probably less than ever; while almost hentai-level big breast ecchi are more explicit, or numerous than ever. Take even this away from lolicons, and the real crime rate might actually increase.

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  • Tomodachi ga Sukunai Little Sister Oral Insertion Anime:
    I like lolis because they are the most beautiful things in existence. Sexuality isn’t their main point, but if it comes down to that, they’re still the best. Altogether aesthetical orgasm.

  • Tomodachi ga Sukunai Little Sister Oral Insertion Anime:
    If you mean it’s dying out almost completely, then I agree.

  • Tomodachi ga Sukunai Little Sister Oral Insertion Anime:
    That’s a load of crap if I’ve heard any. Also focuses TOO MUCH? What, just because they finally got a damn episode that featured them more than the usual zero-fanservice treatment? No, this series has too little loli, if anything. God damn why can’t they be the main/love interest for once?

  • Tomodachi ga Sukunai Little Sister Oral Insertion Anime:
    Yeah, the order is really messed up. However we reached a crossroad where I don’t even want to argue, as I actually see your concern, but our view on the topic is really, really far away. For one, you say K-On are lolis; I say they are old hags. I’m sure you think VividRed is full of lolis; I say otherwise. I guess when people really hate something, they will see it in everything; while if they really love something, like me, they will always think there aren’t enough of them. I’m just stating, …

  • Tomodachi ga Sukunai Little Sister Oral Insertion Anime:
    I highly doubt that. It’s not like doing their scenes with the same details as Sena/Yozora’s would put it more on a risque ground, legally speaking. This is just where the animation staff’s taste really comes through.

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