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Because they like to look mature, intelligent, self-assured, sexually capable, independent and at par with men of their own age. Not like little girls who still need to be treated like little girls.

While they may not exactly look like someone who can be tempted with a lolipop at the age of 30, women outside of Asia can still look beautiful, even at 40 or 50, you know…

hell, Morgan Fairchild is over 60!

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  • Love Live! Sunshine!! Teased:
    Since you hate men so much, do the human race a favor and castrate yourself.

  • Love Live! Sunshine!! Teased:

  • Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Perverse Pool Antics:
    Source? Anyway Lucie Wilde is all natural lol. At 19, she has a long pron career ahead of her. And her boobs are still growing.

  • Super Sexy Sonico Cosplay by Mana:
    Also this×702.jpg and this×702.jpg Strongly imply she’s all natural. You don’t get that effect with fake boobs in the first pic, and the 2nd pic her boobs look so natural and a bit saggy lol. Not like some silicone lumps.

  • Love Live! Sunshine!! Teased:
    Pls. That fucking shitstain producer is the reason why CG is average.


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