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It kinda becomes a dead giveaway when she widely smiles due to the stretch curves besides her mouth and around her cheeks, but it’s not like she has to smile like that all the time so most people will still be fooled.

Though, I’m not sure I won’t feel embarrased if I treat a seemingly teenage brat not knowing she’s a lady. In the US though, it seems easier to do the opposite; old looking bitches who pretend to be mature but has a mentality of a tween.

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    Yup. Never fuck with a bunch of jealous virgins nearby.

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    Well, considering Char is still there…

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    It’s probably both. I would have no objections to this being the home console. They kept the ability to use proper controllers. They’ve turned the main hardware into a tablet that can easily be transformed into a gamepad. If they can get it to run games at the level of performance expected from their home console series (which is likely. this is Nintendo. There isn’t anything in those things notably high spec), it’ll be a great console. The biggest irritation I have with the WiiU as a console …

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    >wrote He didn’t draw anything.

  • Mob Beats Hotel Man For Overly Noisy Sex:
    Bullshit how only the guy got beat just because he’s a guy, even though its prob the girl thats making most of the noise. I get that girls are more defenseless but the difference between getting beat and not at all does not correlate fairly for girls being weaker. Not that the violence is justified or anything.


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